The Right Thing To Do (paperback) The Right Thing To Do (paperback) The Right Thing To Do (paperback) The Right Thing To Do (paperback)

‘The Right Thing To Do’ is a book for young children.

It is intended to teach them to accept people on an individual basis, without judgement based on looks, colour, belief systems, race, culture, etc.

I hope it will help children to change the world a little, one step at a time.

It is a fun and lyrical book similar in style to the Dr. Seuss books.

It has already been purchased by quite a few Australian primary schools as a curriculum resource based on this endorsement from the Australian Federal Minister for Education, who said " 'The Right Thing To Do'  aligns with the Australian Curriculum in regards to intercultural understanding, ethical behaviour, along with personal and social capability. The acquisition of these capabilities by students enables them to act with regard for others, demonstrate inclusiveness and display respectful interactions with others." (see attached copy of his office's response.)

Also attached is a copy of a local newspaper article, which further explains the premise of the book and my reasons and intentions for writing it. Some of it was taken a little out of context, but I'm sure that's not unusual :)

Suitable for 0-99 year olds.


Dimensions: 21.5cm wide by 28cm tall
Length: 22 pages

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The Right Thing To Do (paperback)

  • Author: Barbara McLennan
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